Sunday, 7 May 2017

Research Overview

This blog is specially designed for my PhD research project.  Its purpose will be to engage people and keep them informed of the research as it develops. The research is participatory which means it is a collaborative, collective endeavour based in the community, for the sake of the community and so aims to draw on the experiences and skills of people in the local community, appointing co-researchers and participants to work together to address a common problem. 

This common problem focuses on the struggles people face with socialising with others, connecting and maintaining relationships and the mental distress such interaction causes, a phenomenon which I believe ties in with the idea and concept of Social Health (Brockholm, 1948).  My research aims to ask the following questions (but how we answer them will be totally up to the people participating in the project):

1) What are the hidden and misrepresented struggles of social health? How and why are they hidden and misrepresented as symptoms and experiences of mental illness and what are the benefits of recognising the struggles in their own right?

2) How are social health and sociocultural context transformed through interaction with the Social Hub model and how does this affect experiences of distress?

This blog will be a platform to showcase the research as it unfolds.  Please feel free to email me or to comment on your initial thoughts.  Please be mindful not to swear or cause offence to other readers as such comments may have to be removed.  Thank you.