British Sociological Association (BSA) Conference Paper

In April 2017, I spoke at the British Sociological Association Conference about my research plans. There were 980 abstracts submitted to the BSA this year and so it was a big surprise when I was asked to speak at one of the round table events but it was also a relief when I found out it wasn't going to be in front of a large room full of people. However, it still felt rather daunting knowing there would be experts there in Psychosocial Studies.  On the day,  I was very nervous but even more so when I realised I was sitting next to Peter Redman, a pioneer in Psychosocial circles!
The conference was held at the University of Manchester and it was a very prestigious event.  The university was beautiful and everyone at the table was a lot more friendly than I had anticipated.  After my presentation people asked questions about the Social Hub model  and how it worked in relation to alleviating mental distress. The event proved a useful process in building my confidence and getting my ideas "out there", which I know is beneficial longer term to the impact my research has on changing attitudes towards mental health and distress, changing the mental health scape, as well as to changing lives for the better.    
My research has developed somewhat since the conference. I have now decided to move away from 'framing' as a concept and away from some of my research questions which seemed to embed me too rigidly in psychologically dominating discourses towards a more postmodern approach using Participatory Action Research (PAR).  At the moment, I am writing a presentation about my theoretical positioning and my disciplinary identity which I intend to upload here once finished and presented as part of my PhD community seminar at the University of Birmingham on 16th June 2017. After that, I plan to write a paper and further presentation for my panel review on 26th June focusing on the PAR design frame, which I shall also upload.  For the moment, if you're interested in the presentation I gave at the BSA conference, have a look at the links to my power point and also the accompanying audio recording below.  

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